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Discover the natural & preserved Kenya

With almost 2 million tourists per year, Kenya is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts. During the peak migration, you’ll see 30+ vehicles pressing in on a lioness and its cubs. You’ll find large lodges that have no concern for the natural environment.

But there is a better way

At Kenya Travel & Tours, we have partnered with award winning eco-friendly camps that have a passion to preserve the eco-system of Kenya. Each camp has a limited number of tents insuring it minimizes its impact on nature.

Each of the camps are located in one of the private conservancies that have been developed to preserve the remaining natural habitat of Kenya. These conservancies focus on providing jobs for the local people, conserving the wild and even education initiatives.

No only that, they offer a much better wildlife experience.

After living for 10 years in Kenya, I know that it is a destination that is worth visiting. With connections to virtually any region in the country, we can get you to places that will blow your mind. We take pride in our eco-friendly safaris that will allow you to soak in the beauty of Kenya without having to worry about a negative environmental impact.

Carrying over 30 years of Africa experience on our shoulders, you can rest assured that your safari of Kenya will be well planned, well spent, and thoroughly enjoyed. From game drives across the Massai Mara, to the mysteries of Kilimanjaro, you will have the experience of a lifetime.

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