“A Remarkable Trip”

Kenya still lingers in the deep recesses of my mind. It was a remarkable trip filled with an amazingly abundance of wild animals everywhere we traveled. Peter, our driver and guide, was also a remarkable companion. His devotion to us was so appreciated. When he left us in Masai Mara for 4 days I thought we might not see him again. What a nice surprise to have him waiting for us at the airport to spend one last day with us in Nairobi. Thank you for arranging that nice surprise.

The Masai guides at the Porini Lion camp were also marvelous. They took us to destinations where we viewed the lions during a rival challenge; a cheetah kill; a crocodile attack and kill; an family of elephants crossing to the river; a great migration crossing; found the illusive leopard; picnics on the plains surrounded by animals and magnificent views, all with their calm connection with these animals. It was an enlightening experience. My granddaughter volunteers at a zoo in Honolulu, Hawaii and was so thrilled to see these magnificent animals in their natural surroundings.
With gratitude,

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