“Absolutely fabulous. Every day just got better and better”

Absolutely fabulous. Every day just got better and better.

Even our guides ( yes, we had two Nicholas and David) were surprised as to what we saw and the way things evolved.

Nicholas was the main driver and guide, who initially was a mechanic before going to work for 3 years in a camp and becoming involved with the wild life; David had been a guide around Nairobi and this was his last familiarisation trip before taking people out on his own. So we were very well served by two knowledgeable people whose ethics and behaviour were above reproach and who were not afraid to speak out to idiots who put themselves and others at risk by sitting on roof tops, getting out of vans, going off track, etc.

They became our friends and it was a pleasure to have them join us for my 80th birthday – although, at first they were reluctant to accept our invitation to dine with us. My daughter is still in contact with Nicholas via Facebook and he keeps her informed of any developments. His knowledge and the ability to communicate with other guides via the radio was invaluable.

As I said it just kept getting better and better

In Amboseli, the elephants with Mt Kilimanjaro in the background; the number of lions, compared to their total greatly reduced numbers, with fresh kills, the bird life—I could go on and on.

The other camps were equally awe-inspiring

At the Mara the extent of the migration was laid out before up. We saw the 5 brothers (cheetahs) down a wildebeest); vultures, Maribu storks, hyenas dining on a kill. Unfortunately we did not see one of the famous river crossings but Nicholas Facetimed Jane to say that one occurred just 2 days after we left.

Would I recommend the tour and your company to others? You can bet your bottom dollar on that— I have already started spreading the good news to all who will listen. (Sounds like the gospel according to Allan)

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