“Better than we ever imagined”

All of us have now returned to Australia and we had a most wonderful experience. You did a great job for us with Morocco some years ago, but this time you have excelled. It has been outstanding and better than we ever imagined.

The selection of the National Parks to the East and then more around Nairobi meant that we were never bored and had wonderful experiences. Initially I was concerned that 14 days may have been too long. That was definitely not the case. Each place was entirely different in both animals and scenery.

My memories of standing on the Shetani Lava flow, in the Rift Valley and overlooking the enormous Maasai Mara are truly memorable. Photos will never do something like that justice. The photos of the animals however are a different story. To be so close was spectacular. A chase just in front of us between a cheetah and an impala was memorable. The sensitive side of our group is happy it was not a success, but very close!

The accommodation was very special and well organized. We were early in the season but each of the places seemed to go even more out of their way. In Karen Blixen Camp where we were the only guests the staff actually put our evening table out on the lawn. We had candle lit meal with hippos barely meters away.

Finally our driver/guide, John who was with us for the entire time was excellent. He was an excellent guide but he was a spectacular driver. There had been quite a bit of rain around, although we missed it until 6 inches in the last 12 hours in Nairobi. I do quite a bit of competitive rally work and how I saw him address some of the mud showed he was in a special class. Despite industrial amounts of mud on the car on many days the vehicle was always spotless the next day.

I had always felt this safari would be a one off, I am not so sure now!! Once again thank you for everything you did.


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