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Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort

The Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort is a lovely hotel that rests near the edge of Lake Naivasha. Lake Naivasha is a beautiful lake that that is the life source of many wild birds and animals. You could spot up to 400 different species of birds and see many animals such as hippo or buffalo grazing near your rooms.

The rooms of the hotel are spacious and furnished in creme and brown. The rooms are single, double and triple if requested by the guests.

There are many activities that you can do in order to make your stay more pleasant. These activities are water sports, nature walks, horseback riding, birdwatching, fishing and lake trips. Since this resort offers the opportunity to see many animals, the nature walks are eventful and you are promised to see something interesting.

Fish Eagle Inn

Fish Eagle Inn is found in the Great Rift Valley on the southern shore of Lake Naivasha. The inn offers a range of accomodation options, everything from tents to personal cottages on the lake.

They have 52 rooms, 4 of them are 1 bedroom cottages, 5 of them are 2 bedroom cottages, and 2 suites. The other 41 rooms are standard rooms with double and single beds. The suites all include personal televsion sets. Fish Eagle Inn also offers 4 conference rooms that include internet and air conditioning for your use and conveniences, each being able to seat up to 120 people.

The other facilities that the Fish Eagle Inn features are WiFi, sports facilites, a swimming pool and more. Meals can be served buffet-style in the dining room, or a la carte by the gorgeous pool. For entertainment, you can hire boats or bikes, or take a tour of Hells Gate National Park, a wildlife exhibit only 5 minutes away from the inn.

Porini Camp

The Porini Mara Camp is situated in the Ol Kinyei, one of the most beautiful plains in the the ecosystem of Kenya. This camp is located very close to the famous reserve, Maasai Mara. The camp’s own airstrip provides access by air, and you would be delivered to the camp in that fashion. This camp is very comfortable and you will wake up to the sounds of birds singing and animals calling in the distance. Delicious meals will be served at your leisure, and game drives and walks are one of the camp’s many specialities.

Its brother camp, Porini Lion camp, is situated in Olare Orok Conservancy. This camp is on the banks of a beautiful river. This camp has 10 luxury tents with modern conveniences such as flushing toilets, and running hot water. While enjoying some of the nicer parts of home, you can also enjoy the rustic part of Africa, in the bush of Kenya.

Both of these camps provide an interesting and wonderful experience for your stay.

Kipungani Explorer

Kipungani Explorer is located on the peaceful island of Lamu, a beautiful coastal place where you can sit back and watch time pass. Nearby Lamu are other scenic attractions such as Shela Beach, Lamu Fort, and Manda Beach.

Kipungani Explorer has 12 rooms, situated on the waterfront, all with WiFi and individual showers. There are quaint king-sized beds inside, decorated in the traditional fashion.They all feature a fantastic ocean view and balcony. Kipungani has a large swimming pool outside, as well as being right next to the beach. They offer many enjoyable activites such as snorkeling with dolphins, waterskiing, dhow sunset cruises, historical tours and more.

This is the ultimate relaxing vacation location, complete with thrilling activites and beautiful beach on the Arabian island.

Ashnil Samburu Tented Camp

The Ashnil Samburu Tented Camp is located in the Buffalo Springs Game Reserve. The name comes from the beautiful clear spring that is located on the reserve. You will be able to experience the many animals, beautiful landscape and wonderful service of this camp.

There are 24 deluxe en-suite tents which all have queen or king size beds. There 9 with twin beds and 3 with triple beds. Each of the deluxe tents have a lovely view of the Ewaso Nyiro River which is surrounded by gorgeous landscape. The tents are large so that you can have the comforts of home.

The restaurant has a view of the river and serves the food buffet style. The menu is different and it alternates, but it is mostly Oriental and Kenyan food. If you do not like the idea of buffet meal you can request for a meal a la carte.

There is a lovely swimming pool, but there are also other activities that can be done. As expected, there are game drives that are guided by a native. Also there are nature walks, sundowns (where you may enjoy a relaxing evening in the plains watching the sunset and eating a delicious meal) and evening entertainment. This usually consists of tribal dancing and singing.

Samburu Lodge

The Samburu lodge is located on the western bank of the Uaso Nyiro River in the Samburu National Reserve Park. It is only 320 meters from Nairobi, making it convenient and accessible. It is filled with very rare specialties of animals and birds that are beautiful and exotic.

There are a total of 61 rooms and suites in this lodge, all equipped with private bathrooms and balconies. They are artfully decorated in exotic fabrics to make your stay more comfortable. The lodge offers an African style restaurant for main meals, and there are 3 other bars for your enjoyment, one which is a poolside bar.

The Samburu lodge features many activities for your entertainment, such as a swimming pool, a dancing show, bird walks and game drives. The swimming pool is in the proximity of a jacuzzi and a game viewing deck that overlooks the game park. The beautiful lodge makes a stay in Africa both exciting and relaxing. This lodge is comfortable and very enjoyable for a relaxing vacation.

Serena Mountain Lodge

The Serena Mountain Lodge is nestled amid the highest mountain in Kenya, Mt. Kenya. This lodge is raised up on stilts and overlooks its own private waterhole and salt lake which attracts many animals such as elephants and buffalo. With fantastic views and comfortable lodging, this place is a diamond in the rough.

There are many rooms that are all made out of wood and decorated after the style of the Kikuyus and have a cozy atmosphere. The handwoven blankets are sure to keep you warm at night and hot water bottles are provided. All the rooms have their own bathrooms and toiletries. The rooms are set up with WiFi and have hair dryers for you own pleasure. The room service will always be on call to ensure that you will have whatever you desire in a moments notice.

The meals are served in the restaurant, all of which are buffet style. The cuisine is international and the decor is after the kikuyu fashion. Vegetarian is always available.

This cozy lodge is the perfect place to view animals and enjoy a peaceful time away from the crowd, while up in the high mountains.

The Ark

The Ark is located in the Aberdare National Park. It is designed to remind you of your love for animals and wildlife. The idea is that the only others around are are the animals and your experience is something like that of Noah’s Ark.

The accommodations are in the center of the park. They vary from single to twin bedded, and queen bedded to triple bedded. All of the rooms are tastefully decorated to ensure your comfort and relaxation. Meals are served in the dining hall, either at the Aberdare Country Club or the Ark. From this hotel you have a splendid view of Mt. Kenya. Dinner can be eaten under the gorgeous stars, if you would like that incredible experience.

For activities, the Ark offers a one to three hour nature walk promising the experience of seeing many animals in their natural homes. Another option is to go on a thrilling game drives, either to majestic waterfalls or through plains of Kenyan animals. If you enjoy birds, the Ark seeks to satisfy by offering a early morning bird-feeding time.

Sarova Mara Lodge

The Sarova Mara Lodge is located inside the famous wildlife sanctuary, Maasai Mara National Reserve. This reserve is the richest reserve in Kenya, with many animals and other wildlife. In addition to the great attraction of the animals, there are also a great assortment of butterflies and birds that have made their homes in this beautiful, safe place.

The camp is strategically placed in a grove of trees with a small stream on either side of the camp. There are 75 tents and 3 of these are triple rooms, to make a family’s stay more convenient. All of the rooms have running water and electricity that runs for the whole day. All of the tents have a beautiful view and animals have been known to quietly lumber into the camp to eat the grass. The dinner is held in the camp’s restaurant, with has many different varieties of food, all of which are prepared right at the tables near by. The dinners are served buffet style and on some nights you can dine out under the brilliant stars.

The many attractions of the camp include a safari in the reserve, so that you can get close to the majestic animals of the kenyan plains, or even a hot air ballon ride. On these rides you can go up in a bright ballon to look out over the reserve and see it all from the view of the exotic birds that fly about.

Mara Sopa Lodge

The Mara Sopa Lodge is found 240 km from Nairobi. It was one of the very first lodges built in the quite famous Maasai Mara. It is strategically placed in the midst of a varying range of wildlife, attracting many tourists every year.

The lodge has 50 personal chalets, each round with a traditional thatched roof. They each hold 2 rooms with 2 double beds and a veranda. The lodge also offers a honeymoon suite at the top of the resort, complete with a king sized bed, sunken in bath and veranda. There are also 12 additional suites, each with a spacious living room, 2 queen sized beds, minibar, and decorative fireplace.

The facilities to be enjoyed are balloon safaris, a swimming pool, bird watching, archery, mountain climbing, visits to maasai villages and more. The meals are served buffet-style in the traditional dining room, complete with maasai paintings and souvenirs. There are 2 bars, a meeting room that can hold up to 90 people and a swimming bar.

With the animal opportunities and the comfortable accomodations, this is an ideal way to spend a vacation in complete luxury.

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