Have You Seen the Big 5?

Looking for a tour to exciting new places? Come and view the big 5 while in their natural habitat, the vast savanna of Kenya. Tourism is huge in Kenya, but greater still, are the spectacular views of some of the world’s largest mammals. Each of the big 5, rhino, lion, leopard, elephant and buffalo can be found in the game parks of Kenya.

The first of the “5” is the endangered rhino. In the 1900’s, many believed that the rhinos would go extinct. Poachers had so depleted the population that park security for these animals greatly increased, along with the start of many nurseries. For example, Parks such as the Nairobi National Park are sanctuaries where the rhino, the most endangered Kenyan animal, can reside. Because of the great protections of these parks and nurseries, the number of rhinos has been going up in the last two decades. While going on the Safari Walk in Nairobi, you may even be able to touch a baby rhino as it toddles along on its wobbly little legs.

Two of the “5”, are the big cats. The lion is and always has been called the noblest of beast, and is probably the most well known of the “big 5”. While in Kenya you must see the “king of the beasts”. The male lion is a great sight to see, so be sure to bring a camera. If you’re lucky, you may be able to view a hunt and the kill. Another great cat that is in the Big 5 is the Leopard. This member of the “5” is probably the most dangerous. The leopard hunts mostly at night, and is one of the hardest to sight. The best time to get a glimpse of this beautiful cat is in the evening, just before nightfall. Leopards are big, tough, fast, fierce and incredibly agile. They favor spending the day napping in trees, while their spots help them to blend in with the light filtering through the trees.

The “tembo” or elephant in Swahili, is the largest land-going mammal. At birth, a baby elephant is 120 to 330 pounds, which is only about one fifth of the adult male’s weight. These beautiful beasts roam through the plains and small forests, bathing, taking dust baths or just munching away at the bountiful supply of food. Touring in Kenya will give you close up views of the biggest of the “big 5”. The last, the buffalo, is definitely not least. This big powerful mammal could push down a small tree! Even lions and leopard fear trying to take down a full grown buffalo. An interesting fact about them is that when threatened the herd will form a circle facing out with the young and weak in the middle. This protectiveness is a great example of the loyalty the herd has for one another.

All of these animals are unique in their own way, and are well worth a trip to Kenya to see. Tour in Kenya to experience the spectacular “Big 5”, it will create memories to tell for years to come! Get trinkets to show off to your friends at home, of the legacy of the “Big 5”.

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