Kenyan Art: Soap Stone Carvers

While touring in Kenya, you will see many great works of art, one of which is the world renowned soap stone carvings. The natives of Kenya are highly skilled at their work and produce products that will amaze you as well as enhance your home. The work of a soap stone carver is not at all easy; in fact it may take many weeks to finish a single product.

Kisii is a small town around an hours drive south of Nairobi, and is the center headquarters for the artisans. Once you arrive their, prepare to be surprised by the brilliant work that takes place there. From animals, to entire chess boards, to simple candle holders, the smooth cold stone blocks are turned into wonders. These rare stones are only found in Kisii Kenya. The men mine large quantities of the soft stone into blocks to be used the various items. First, a block is taken and hewn into the rough desired shape. After that is the long process of smoothing and shaping. When the product is finished it is then washed, dried, sometimes painted, and waxed with cobra wax. This process is very old, and they have been using it for many years to continually create fine quality soap stone products.

You can look for them most anywhere, as many are shipped to the US, France, Japan, Great Britain, as well as many others countries. Kenya is however, the best place to buy them. Just one item can light up your home and create an African appearance. Show off your African experience by wearing your Kenyan soapstone jewelry. Decorate your mantles, or your children’s room with these masterpieces. Not only will you be able to add a nice touch to your home, it is also an authentic and unique addition to your home. You could also surprise your friends at work with a soapstone buffalo on your office desk. Get a rhino, lion, zebra, croc, giraffe, leopard or elephant to show your friends back home. Also look at soapstone boxes, spoons, hearts, Africa shapes, Kenya Shapes, eggs, fruit, earrings, bowls and plates, the list goes on. While visiting the soapstone market you can place an order for a special creation that will be ready within a month, you could get your name, or a friends name, forever inscribed in the unique stone.

Even seeing the shops of the soapstone carvers would be an unforgettable experience for you. So, if you ever have the chance to visit Kenya, you should stop buy the only place in the world where soap stone is found, Kisii. Here you will be able to see for your self the beauty of the soap stone and marvel at the way it is made. Weather you choose to simply observe the colors and shapes or to buy some of these decorations, you will not be disappointed. These bright and cheery objects will certainly brighten up you home and put you memories “in” stone.

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