Lake Baringo Country Club

Lake Baringo Club is situated on the lakeshore of Lake Baringo. Lake Baringo is a freshwater lake that is the home of many animals, such as hippos, crocodiles, and many species of birds.

The rooms in Lake Baringo Country Club are relaxing, with a overhead fan and mosquito nets in each one. They also include a private shower. The club has a small swimming pool attached to a bar that the guests can enjoy. The main attraction of Lake Baringo Country Club is its many different species of birds. Over 460 exotic types of birds have been recorded at this club. Excellent meals are presented at the traditionally decorated dining room of the resort.

For entertainment, you could visit the hot springs that located on a close island, providing an incredible view of many birds, hippo and crocodiles. This club is breathtakingly beautiful, and hospitable. If you are a bird-lover of any kind, then this hotel is designed for you.

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