Masai Mara

The Maasai Mara is one of the greatest wonders of the world today as it continues to breathe life into the eco-system every day! It is not a dormant icon of yesteryear but alive w/ motion and emotion daily! It is a grand display of Creation as intentionally designed. Masses of animals wander the savannah from the smallest antelope, the Suni to the largest animal, the Elephant. The illusive leopard and “kingly” lion rule the plains, sharing the spoils with the fastest creature on earth, the Cheetah! Twice a year, the great herds of migrating Wildebeest and Zebra, leave the grasses of the Mara to find better grazing on the Serengeti Plains of Tanzania. This amazing sight is something to behold as the fight for life and death face them in the crossing of the crocodile infested waters!

Countless species of fascinating birds rule the air, from the tiny Tit to the mighty Martial Eagle .Watching their behavior and beauty is an awesome encounter with nature. Intrigue, adventure, discovery and diversity confront the realities of daily living for the inhabitants of the Mara, presenting challenges to survive no matter the cost.

Observe first- hand how man and beast have peacefully co-existed for generations. The Warrior Tribe of Massai welcome you to a cultural experience like taking a step back in time before the Colonial era. Many still adhere to their prideful traditions in the tranquility of their humble home ,the Manyatta were the cattle reign supreme, believing them to be God’s gift to them exclusively. Taste the flavor of their special blend of milk, adorn yourself with their colorful beads and trinkets, or take a walk across their plains, living in harmony with nature.

A land of wonder and wilderness calls us to explore for ourselves, how in the beginning life was intended to be. Scarlet sunsets grace the horizons as the wildlife settle down for the night, yet there are predators who roam the darkness in search for the unsuspecting or innocent prey. Join in this journey….

Kenya…..The land of contrasts ,colors and culture awaits your visit for
a Safari of a Lifetime!

Masai Mara is named after the traditional inhabitants (Maasai) and the Mara River. At some point during your stay in the Mara, you’ll drive by the river which is a great place to spot wildlife. This area is a photographer’s delight where with any luck you’ll be able to take amazing pictures of the hippos and elephants in the water. Full day at the reserve with morning and afternoon game drives in search of the ‘big 5’. Masai Mara is at the northern most extension of the Serengeti Plains and one of the richest wildlife game reserves. It is home to the splendid black–manned lion, the elusive leopard, stately giraffe, vast bulk of elephants, rhino, thundering herds of zebra, migrating wildebeest and numerous other plains game. The small size funnels animals into a tight space, and park rules allow for off-road driving which means that guests can venture into plains covered with hundreds or even thousands of animals. Take an optional hot air balloon ride over the plains, with the opportunity for amazing pictures of the animal herds below.

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