Ngulia Safari Lodge

The Ngulia Safari lodge is located in the Tsavo National Park, one of the world’s greatest National Parks. It is situated above a rhino reserve, making it ideal for a safari trip. The best feauture of this lodge is said to be the breathtaking views and animals.

The Ngulia Safari Lodge offers a restaurant, bars, gift shop, conference room and swimming pool. The restaurant is specifically designed so that one can see leopards while dining, for the staff hang up meat nearby so the leopards are tempted by the “baited meat”. This lodge is the only place in Kenya where birdwatchers can observe migrating birds that fly in from the Northern Hemisphere. The Ngulia Safari Lodge also offers drives to a strategically situated place to view the hippos at Mzima Springs.

It has 52 standard rooms, all equipped with a bath and shower and a balcony. The balcony is facing the park, ensuring a fantastic view of the wildlife.

With the animals just outside and the leopards eating while you are dining, this lodge certainly gives you the full experience of the animals of africa and the lovely view of the plains.

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