What do you mean by “private tour?”

A Private Tour is a tour that is an individual tour for you and those in your group. We will not put others in your group, but each portion is provided for you and you alone. Each of our tours is escorted by a professional English speaking driver who will show you Kenya through his eyes. Your driver is there to serve you and allow you to enjoy the tour at your pace and focusing on your areas of interest.

We have no doubt that the success of the trip was in no small way due to the tireless efforts of our driver/guide. He is an individual that truly enjoys his work and that was communicated to us in a myriad of small ways.

Because the tour is “your tour”, we will look to hear from you about what will make this tour extra special. Do you want to focus on culture, history, shopping, architecture, cuisine or something else? Just let us know!

Why do you only offer Private Tours? Over the past 8 years, we have listened to our clients who have told us to stick with private tours. They have repeatedly told us, “We will never do a group tour again…we are sold on a custom private tour.” Group tours can be less expensive, but if you want to really experience the culture or country…can you really do that with 20 people in your group? Enjoy the authentic Kneya with your choice of travel companions.

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