Safari in Kenya

If you are planning to take a safari in Kenya, you have many options to choose from! You could take a luxury camping safari in the Mara, or enjoy beautiful lodges with many game rides. On a safari in Kenya, you will be able to enjoy the experience of seeing wild animals first-hand and watch them while they live their unpredictable lifestyles.

Places to go for a safari in Kenya: There are so many different places you can go for a safari in Kenya. If you would like to see the many birds of Kenya, you could go to Lake Naivasha and see the rainbow spectrum of exotic birds, including the pink flamingo, which surrounds the edge of the lake. It is a breathtaking view for the human eye, and if you are a bird lover you will find this a truly amazing experience.

If your idea of a safari in Kenya is to follow the herds and watch the lion as he stalks his prey, then there are many ideal places for you to go. The most well known would be the Maasi Mara, which is a game park in the southwestern part of Kenya. There you could either camp in the park or just take game rides with experienced guides so you can see “the big five” (Lions, Buffalo, Leopards, rhino and elephants) along with other animals.

If you love all the animals and want to see everything there is to see in a safari in Kenya you should take a tour that hits every single major game reserve. This was you will be able to enjoy birds, the big five and all the breath taking views in Kenya.

Things to do during a safari in Kenya: There are many awesome things you can do during your stay in Kenya. One of the things that you could do is to take a hot air balloon ride over a game reserve and see the bird’s eye view of the animals and their lives. Another thing you could do is to go on sundowns in the reserve where you are staying. Sundowns are a time when you can watch the African sun set while enjoying the surroundings of the wild in Kenya. There are also picnics you can take or nature walks that would make your time more enjoyable. Another great thing to do would be to take a dhow ride along the coast of Mombasa. Have a memorable dinner on the dhow.

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