Sarova Mara Lodge

The Sarova Mara Lodge is located inside the famous wildlife sanctuary, Maasai Mara National Reserve. This reserve is the richest reserve in Kenya, with many animals and other wildlife. In addition to the great attraction of the animals, there are also a great assortment of butterflies and birds that have made their homes in this beautiful, safe place.

The camp is strategically placed in a grove of trees with a small stream on either side of the camp. There are 75 tents and 3 of these are triple rooms, to make a family’s stay more convenient. All of the rooms have running water and electricity that runs for the whole day. All of the tents have a beautiful view and animals have been known to quietly lumber into the camp to eat the grass. The dinner is held in the camp’s restaurant, with has many different varieties of food, all of which are prepared right at the tables near by. The dinners are served buffet style and on some nights you can dine out under the brilliant stars.

The many attractions of the camp include a safari in the reserve, so that you can get close to the majestic animals of the kenyan plains, or even a hot air ballon ride. On these rides you can go up in a bright ballon to look out over the reserve and see it all from the view of the exotic birds that fly about.

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