Sweetwater’s Tented Camp

The Sweetwater’s Tented Camp is a luxury camp that lies in the plains near Mt. Kenya. The 92 luxury tents are artfully placed so that the verandas have a close up view of the waterhole. The water hole, attracts many great animals, such as Lions, Buffalos, Rhinos, Leopards and Elephants. The plains, called the Laikipia plains, are the shelter of the endangered black rhino in addition to many other endangered species.

Even though you would be out in tents for best possible animal watching experience, the camp also ensures that your stay will be comfortable. The tents have been made as homelike as possible by building them with a solid floor, running water, electricity and other touches. 14 of the 36 luxury tents are raised from the ground and have private verandas in the direction of the water hole. While outside there are swimming pools and a Colonial-styled lounge and bar. The meals are served inside a old fashion ranch house and are served buffet style.

The main attractions to this sight are obviously the animals. In addition to holding the big five and the endangered black rhino, the Laikipia plains are also the sanctuary of chimpanzees. There are daily game rides, which happen both during the day and during the night.

These tents are well equipped for both adventure and luxury in the heart of the Laikipia plains.

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