Travel Kenya: Mount Kenya

Kenya, a major tourist attraction located in east Africa along the equator, is home to the second highest mountain in Africa. Although shorter than Kilimanjaro, Mt. Kenya offers a much harder climb. Not only is the long trek difficult and laborious, but the extreme cold and permanent glaciers require gear and perseverance.

Climbing the 17057 foot mountain is an experience of a life time. Making it to the top and seeing the breathtaking view spread out before you is worth everything it took to make it up to the top. Take a picture by the sign at the peak to show your friends, or have a snow ball fight in Africa that you won’t forget. At the summit, Batian, look into the extinct volcanic crater, gaze at the glaciers below, the clouds beneath your feet, or het a golf ball into the crater. All of these thrilling experiences are available to you.

During your climb up and your descent, feast your eyes on nature’s fantastic display of colors, sounds, and sights of rare African animals. The mountain itself and the surrounding lands are protected by the Mount Kenya National Park. Many animals such as the large cape-buffalo thrive in this safe lush environment. Other species in the park include zebra, antelope, many bird species, and monkeys. All of these can be seen during your hike up the mountain towards your goal.

The climb, including ascent and descent, should take 3-6 days depending on your speed and desired location. Guides and pack carriers can be hired at the base of the mountain at the park headquarters. The many choices for climbing allow for a large diverse experience. There are many routes up the mountain, 8 walking, and several others for intense rock climbing and scaling. For the less adventurous, the walking routes are strongly suggested. After each day of the climb, a camp is set for the nights rest. These camps usually include tents or bunkhouses, and are generally comfortable and cozy. The guides will provide food for each day. Each guide has been specially trained for the climb, and has been up the mountain countless times. This means that each one knows how to react to any situation that could arise. Kenya takes pride in their guides, who will guarantee a safe and pleasant and safe climb.

If you are planning to take a trip to Kenya or you are just looking for adventure, Mt. Kenya would be a great place to go. Not only will you have the experience of climbing one of the most famous mountains in Africa, but you will also have the opportunity to see all the wild life and attractions in Kenya. While you climb you will create memories that will last for a life time! When you reach the top you will be greeted with a picturesque view that will stay in your memory for ever. This is wonderful vacation for those who are looking for adventure or just a bonding time with friends or family. Mt. Kenya is truly a gem of Africa.

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