couple standing on the equator point in Kenya

“We truly experienced a bucket list trip”

We truly experienced a bucket list trip! It was not only rich in encounters with nature and animals, we met some great people and made friends. 

From the Big 5, we only missed the leopard but we saw the other ones several times. It was unforgettable. We also saw beautiful sunrises and sunsets, woke up to the sounds of exotic birds, sat by the fire and had awesome conversations.

Mike’s biggest complaint was that after bonding with the guides and on site personnel, we had to say goodbye and move on.

couple having breakfast on a safari tour in Kenya

I loved the way our itinerary was arranged, with having a luxury stay and rest at the Cliffs right in the middle. I had the best massage I have ever had at that resort by Laura. I was so surprised that my birthday got celebrated 4 times (at 3 Porini camps and at the Cliffs). Above all, I loved the customer service provided by the local operators, from our pick up in Nairobi to the send off. Their care and extra efforts really shone when our luggage did not arrive. 

I have to say, being inexperienced in those trips, I overpacked and did not have a lot of essentials in my carry on. We found ourselves with nothing to wear, no toiletries. Edith from Gamewatchers took up to a supermarket, a souvenier place and a pharmacy on our first day. She and a manager at the co. helped us file a luggage claim and called or personally took a trip to the airport every day. Our first bag arrived on the 10th day and they sent it on a plane to the Porini camp. 

Well, I have learned that most of what I thought I need is unnecessary since we made it and we had a great time.

As to the initial process, I am very pleased with every step. I would probably add a detail that it is better to try to have just a carry on…though many people would not want to hear that. Other travelers had heard stories about luggage lost/ delayed to Africa but who can count on that?

Mike and I made a vow to go back to Africa and revisit some spots in Kenya. We are making a list of reasons: see a leopard, see the great migration (we missed it, it was in july this year). The Eka hotel is and absolute gem for travelers from far. 

I would definitely recommend Kenya Travels and Experience it Tours. I already am.

Thank you for all your help and extra touch to create my best birthday experience by far even in the face of obstacles.


Bree & Mike

August 2022

Kenya Travel & Tours