Wild Life Safari

For those of you who want to see the wildlife of Africa, Kenya is a great place to visit. Kenya is famous for its wildlife that roams the grasslands of Africa. You will be able to spot a large amount of animals, from the tiny dick-dick to the enormous elephant. By taking a guide and a four-wheel drive car, you can spy on the majestic lioness stalking her kill or the watch the leopard lounge in the tall acacia trees. The wildlife of Kenya is the perfect place for you.

Migration Wildlife:
If you are touring during the migration season (July – October), you will have the chance of a lifetime! During the migration season, all of the animals are moving to different plains and grounds. You will see herds of wildebeests and other animals running all together in massive groups back and forth across the hills. Not only will you see the herds, you will also get the chance to see “The Big Five”. The Big Five are the main parts of the Kenyan Wildlife that everyone wants to see, and when you do, you will not want to look away. The Big Five is made up of the lion, elephant, rhino, leopard and buffalo. Your trained guides will know the best places to spot them and you should be able to see most of them.

Parks you will visit:
If you want to see a large amount of wildlife, then you can go through many game parks. One of the most famous game parks is the Mara, a game park that is full of amazing animals, plants and other beauties. There you will stay at nice lodges that overlook the plains and their animals, or you can stay in the luxury tents that rest right on the plains of the Mara. There you will easily be able to spot all of the wildlife of Kenya, along with waking up to the singing of the beautiful birds. Another one of the parks that will help to make your stay a true highlight would be Sweetwater’s game reserve. This reserve is a sanctuary for chimpanzees and also holds a large amount of rhino and other wildlife. This park is truly a lovely place; you will be able to see the Big Five and many other interesting animals.

These are only a few of the great places and things that you can do during your stay. Along with the safaris you can have sundowns (when you watch glorious African sunset while sitting in a lovely “wild” location) or picnics in the bush. All of these are fun and exciting and ensure that you will enjoy the wildlife of Kenya.

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